How to Create Ads that Grab Attention

By Admin 29 May 2023
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Making advertisements, of course, must be equipped with careful planning so that the funds spent are not wasted. Here are some ways you can do this:

1. Choose advertising media

The first thing to do is decide where to place your ad.

If you want to place an ad in the form of a banner, then look for a number of busy points, so that when people pass through that road, it is likely that your ad will be seen.

If you want to advertise online, then adjust it to your target audience.

You can use various platforms such as Google Ads, Instagram Ads, to Facebook Ads.

This step is one way to increase brand awareness in the community.

2. Create a unique slogan

The next step in creating a promotion is to create a unique slogan.

Make a slogan that is different from most of the others so that people can remember it.

No need to use pretentious and formal words. Choose a slogan with appropriate, straightforward, and easy to understand language

3. Pay attention to design

The next thing you should pay attention to in how to create an attractive ad is the design of the ad.

Some things you should consider are the use of font type, size, color combination, and more.

Make sure to use legible fonts and colors that catch attention. In addition, include your business logo in the ad.

4. Make attractive promos

Making attractive promos is one step to attract the attention of potential customers.

You can start with a number of offers, such as price discounts, free shipping or postage, product purchase bonuses, and more.

5. Holding public figures, influencers, or artists

Invite the cooperation of several public figures or people who are known by the community.

Many big companies have done this, such as Tokopedia, Shopee, Bukalapak and others.