Reasons Why Advertisements must be Made as Attractive as Possible

By Admin 29 May 2023
Billboard (1)

One form of billboards is a poster, which is in the form of pictures and writing on sheets of paper and affixed in public places. Advertisements must be made attractive by following these tips:

  1. Advertisements must attract attention and clearly convey the message.
  2. The pictures and words used should complement each other.
  3. The words should be short, clear and attention-grabbing.
  4. Sentences and pictures on the poster are persuasive.
  5. Posters are made with a mix of strong and contrasting colors.
  6. The position of the advertisement must be placed in a strategic place (indoor) or in an area that is often passed by people (outside).

Quoted from the book Independent Learning Thematic SD MI Class 6 Semester 2 written by Desi Damayanti, et al (2021: 174), good and correct advertisements must be visible so that they are easy for the general public to see. To stand out, billboards must have a striking size, placement, color, text, and image.

There are various forms of billboards, ranging from signs, banners, logos and other symbols that promote goods and services. The sentences used in advertisements must also be clear, concise, and easily understood by the audience or people who read them. Good advertising must be able to attract the general public.

Billboards are a means of visual communication in urban environments that use signs or signals. The reason why advertisements must be made as attractive as possible is so that people are interested in the goods/services being offered.