Sales Optimization Tricks Using Advertising Agency

By Admin 29 May 2023
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Advertising activities are activities that are very important and necessary for a business both large and small scale. In the world of marketing, there are several types of advertising based on definitions, parameters and results.

Some well-known examples are Above The Line (ATL) and Below The Line (BTL).

What is ATL?

Above The Line (ATL) is a marketing and advertising activity that is directed to the public without a specific target audience, so that this type of advertising reaches a broad and unlimited audience.

This is intended to build a reputation and brand identity as well as products or services offered so that the public knows.
Usually, advertising media in this type of ATL advertising are published through banners, web banners, television, to advertisements on the internet and social media.
The media contained in ATL have different characteristics of creative strategies.

For the purposes of introducing a new brand, ATL is the best way that can be done to promote products and introduce new brands.

What is BTL?

Below The Line (BTL) is an advertising and marketing activity that is directed to a certain target audience according to the product or brand.

Basically, BTL type advertising is an advertising activity whose promotional media are not broadcast through the mass media.
In simple terms, BTL is defined as a direct marketing strategy aimed at certain groups of individuals and focusing on conversions.

When compared to ATL, BTL has a smaller and more specific target audience because of its limited audience reach. Nonetheless, BTL activities can allow brands to have direct interactions and relationships with audiences.

In addition, through BTL brands will also gain trust from customers more easily. Popcult Promotes a Powerful Marketing Strategy
As an independent advertising agency that is professional in its field, Popcult does not only prioritize creativity in creating advertisements.

Popcult, which has experience in handling blue chip clients such as Indofood, Hisamitsu, Dexa Group, Smartfren, and Kapal Api, also understands the basics of marketing in all channels such as ATL, BTL to digital in detail and comprehensively.
Not only that, Popcult is also able to generate creativity to be implemented on these channels.

“ATL agencies or creative agencies usually only understand big communications, they are used to making communications for, for television needs, but do not understand implementation in more specific areas such as digital. Digital agencies usually only understand execution in the digital realm but do not understand top communication,” explained Khairul Akbar, as Co-Founder, CEO, and ECD Popcult.

“Popcult understands both, this makes Popcult able to make top-level communications as well as make executions in the digital realm. This is not owned by other agencies, so often when Popcult is appointed as a digital agency, Popcult also takes on the role of ATL agency. This makes the work process more efficient for the client.” he continued.

Besides that, Popcult also adheres to the principle that Popcult can only grow when the clients it handles also grow. “We are always driven to help our clients continue to grow in our field,” said Khairul Akbar.

“At Popcult there are two parties that must be satisfied, namely our clients and ourselves. In many cases, satisfying ourselves is more difficult. We encourage every Popsies (call for Popcult employees) to always give their best, work with heart, and this is not easy when the work is too much.” Close it.